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User roles are permission sets that control access to certain areas and features in a software.

User roles on project level

BAMOS+ has different roles for project users:

Project role Who is this? Duties and system rights
Read+Write+Submit Person(s) employed by and representing the lead partner organisation for a particular project, who are authorised to submit data, documents, forms and communication on behalf of the lead partner organisation. Has full read, write and submit rights for all sections on project level, including the Messaging Centre.

Manages information related to the particular project. Attributes and revokes user roles on project and partner level, except for control. Must keep project data and user roles up-to-date. Submits data, documents, forms and communication to the MA/JS.

Read+Write Person(s) employed or contracted by the lead partner organisation and representing it for a particular project. Has read and write rights on the project level, except the Messaging Centre.

Cannot attribute or revoke any roles.

Read Person(s) with read-only rights for a particular project. Has read rights on project level, except for sections with personal data.

Cannot attribute or revoke any roles.

Change the role of a user

To change a user’s role, you have to

  1. Select “Modify users” under Project Users
  2. Select the user whose role you wish to change
  3. Choose the new role and confirm by clicking on “Change”.

The login data of the user stays the same if you indicate the same email address as in the original account.

User roles on partner level

At a later stage, also different roles for data on partner level will be introduced.

Additional information

See also: access, accounts, forgot password