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To complete a project application the Application form, the requested documents, and the Contact and bank information have to be submitted.

Add documents to BAMOS+

The “Documents” section will be available on the dashboard as soon as the Application form has been submitted.

Upload partner declarations, Letters of support of PA steering groups or the NC group, and/or Draft budget of the Strategy Forum

  1. Please click on “Documents” on the dashboard:
  2. Use the upload button to add new partner declarations.

Please note that after uploading, the document is sent directly to MA/JS and you will not be able to delete it. If you would like to add a new document, just upload a new document that would overwrite the previous submission. The template of the partner declaration is available on our website, under "Call Documents". Please note, after upload, there is no need to separately submit the "Documents" section.

Please note that the file size for all uploads is limited to 20 MB. Acceptable file formats: PDF, ASiCe, ADoc, BDoc, EDoc and XADES.
Please note that the data in the “Documents” section can be sent to the MA/JS at any time.

Additional information

See also: Application form, Contact and bank information