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To clarify different topics, e.g. during the contracting phase of your project, the MA/JS will provide you with a separate “clarification form” that will appear on your dashboard.

Submit clarification form

After you have successfully saved all your data, you will be able to submit the clarification form. For this, you have to press the “Submit” button at the top of the page. Be aware that you can submit a version of a clarification form only once! You will not be able to edit the clarification form after submission unless it is sent back to you by the MA/JS for further clarifications.

Answer from the MA/JS

If an answer that you sent is not considered sufficient, a follow-up question may be found under your original statement. If a question is considered resolved by the MA/JS, a date is indicated in the “solved” cell.

Finalised clarification form

When clarification is closed, the “Finalised” button is ticked and (if applicable) a closure message by the MA/JS is shown at the top of the clarification form.

Print clarification form

As BAMOS+ is an online system fulfilling the request by the European Commission to reduce the amount of paper used in administrative processes, there is no printing function. However, you have the opportunity to give access to as many users in your organisation as needed to your project data and/or to copy and paste text from the form to another electronic document.