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Progress reports will be created by the MA/JS and can be found on the project under “Project reporting”. Remember to import relevant partner reports to the progress report via the “Partner Report Management section” found on the project dashboard under “Project reporting”. Please find more instructions here: Partner reports.

Submit progress report form

After you have validated all your data and only green ticks are shown in the menu, you can submit your reporting form. For this, you have to go to the “Submission” section, where you can press the “Submit” button, which transmits your progress report form to the MA/JS.

Be aware that you can submit your progress report form only once! You will not be able to edit it any longer after submission until it is sent back to you by the MA/JS for adjustments/corrections.

Print progress report form

As BAMOS+ is an online system fulfilling the request by the European Commission to reduce the amount of paper used in administrative processes, there is no printing function for the progress report. Please give access to your project data to users in your organisation as needed and/or copy and paste text from the form to another electronic document.

Additional information

Presentation of the lead partner seminar for core projects: Practical aspects of reporting
Project toolkit for reporting