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The Messaging Centre is used for all communications between the Lead Partner and the MA/JS. This section is only accessible for approved projects.

Difference between the Messaging Centre and an email

While email is communication between individuals, the Messaging Centre is for the direct exchange between the MA/JS and the Lead partner, i.e. all users with the Read+Write+Submit rights in BAMOS+. All users with the corresponding rights will have full access to the complete communication (sent and received messages) at any time.


The Messaging Centre supports attachments with a file size of 10MB each. The number of attachments per message is not limited.

Checking messages

New messages are shown on your dashboard under the “Project Messages” section. Alternatively, you can access the Messaging Centre via the menu at the top of the page. You will also receive an email notification to your registered email box if a new message arrives via the Messaging Centre (see also Setting up email notifications).

Setting up email notifications

Enter your profile settings via the rack-wheel-icon in the upper right corner of the page and select “profile”. At the bottom of the page, you will find a section called “Messaging Centre Configuration”, where you can change the interval for the email notifications. Please note that if you want to receive notifications on your email regarding new messages in the Messaging Centre, you must add a notification period greater than 0 hours. In this case, you will receive a notification on your email until the message is read. A notification period of 0 hours means you will not receive any notifications on your email. By default, the notification period has been set to 0.

Sorting messages

You can sort messages in your inbox by clicking on the header of the message table. Messages can be sorted by subject, tags or received date.

Sending messages

  1. Click “New Message.”
  2. Enter the subject and the text.
  3. If applicable: add an attachment by clicking on “Attach”
  4. Click “Send”.
  5. To answer a message received, click “Respond” under a received message.

Deleting messages

Messages cannot be deleted but can be moved from your inbox to the archive by clicking on the box symbol in the inbox next to the message. To remove messages back from the archive, you have to go to the “Archive” tab and click once more on the box symbol.

Tagging messages

You can add tags (keywords) for each email to keep track of your messages. For this, open the incoming message, enter tags and click on “save tags”.

Marking messages as “favourite”

To highlight important messages, they can be marked as a “favourite” by clicking on the star in the inbox next to the message . To remove the highlight, you have to click again on the star. All messages marked as favourites can also be found under the tab “Favourites”.