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The controller section is available after approval of the project.
This section lists the controllers designated for an approved project. The Designation Authorities are responsible for the controller account management. Neither the MA/JS, nor project or partner users have editing rights.
Note that only core projects require controllers. Therefore, the section will be empty for all other types of projects (i.e. small projects, platforms, PACs, EUSBSR Point, Annual Forum, etc.).

Access to the controller section for Designation Authorities

For Designation Authorities to get access to the controller section, the legal representative of each designation authority has to appoint one designation authority user and one deputy designation authority user. For this purpose, the legal representative has to complete the “Appointing document of designation authority user(s) in BAMOS+”, sign it and submit it to the MA/JS. The MA/JS provides all designation authorities of the Programme with the template and further instructions.
Please note that designation authority users cannot create further designation authority user accounts. Only persons indicated in the appointing document are authorised to act as designation authority users.

Deactivate Designation Authority users

To deactivate a Designation Authority user, the legal representative of the Designation Authority has to send a request via e-mail to the MA/JS.
The MA/JS will undertake the relevant steps for deactivation. After deactivation, the user will not be able to access BAMOS+ anymore.

Add controller users

To add a controller to project partners, the Designation Authority user has to:

  1. Go to the dashboard of the respective project
  2. Select “Modify Controllers” under ‘Controller’
  3. Select “+ New Controller”
  4. Add the controller data
  5. Select the partner(s) for whom the controller shall verify the real costs
  6. Confirm the data entry by clicking on “Designate Controller”
  7. Confirm the designation by clicking on “Yes”.

Immediately after confirmation, the controller will be added as a user to the partner report of the selected partner(s). Persons that have not been users of BAMOS+ will also receive an activation link to activate their user accounts.
Please note: this activation link must be activated within two weeks!

Deactivate Controllers

The Designation Authorities are responsible for overseeing controller user accounts, including deactivating accounts of controller users who are no longer working for a particular project partner.
To deactivate a controller, the Designation Authority user has to:

  1. Go to the dashboard of the respective project
  2. Select “Modify Controllers” under ‘Controller’
  3. Select “X” for the controller that shall be deactivated
  4. Confirm the deactivation by clicking on “Yes”.

After deactivation, the login data of the Controller is kept. The Controller can still read, but not edit the partner reports that were available at the point of deactivation.

Modifying and deactivating controller user data

Designation authorities are responsible for keeping data related to the controller users from the country up-to-date. In case the data of a controller user changes, the designation authority user has to deactivate the controller in all projects for which it had been active (see above). Then, the designation authority user has to add a new controller user with the correct data.