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To complete a project application the Application form, the requested documents, and the Contact and bank information have to be submitted.

When filling out the application form we recommend following the numeric/chronological order, as some of the fields will only be available if the previous sections have been completed. Before leaving a section, do not forget to save.

Content of the application form

Applicants can get a first impression of the required content of the application form from this template. But applicants should be aware that structure and content may vary from call to call. The information requested within BAMOS+ is always the binding one, while the information in this template is only indicative and a pure example of possible content.

Overview of your application form data

As soon as all sections of the application forms are filled in correctly, click on “8. Submission and pdf” to be able to download a draft pdf with all of your application form data.

Print draft application

Click on “8. Submission and pdf” and “Create draft pdf” to generate a file that includes all inputs of your draft application. Please be aware that creating a draft pdf is only possible once all the sections of the application form have been filled in correctly (with green tick marks).
Please note that the MA/JS will not accept this file as a hard copy in the application process because it is marked as a draft.

Validate application form

The validation function checks the completeness (“Are all necessary inputs there?”) and the coherence (e.g. “Are all calculations correct?”) of your application.
(=ready) and ! (=not ready) at the top of your page indicate if a section of the application form is ready for submission.
If your input is not complete/coherent and a red exclamation mark is displayed, you can click on the “Check for errors” button and an error message will guide you to the field which contains no or wrong data. Those input fields will be marked with a red frame. Please make sure that you always press “Save” before pressing the “Check for errors” button.

Submit application form

After you have validated all your data and only green ticks are shown in the menu, you will be able to submit your application. For this, you have to go to the “Submission and pdf” section, where you can press the “Submit” button which transmits your application and enables the print function. .
Be aware that you can submit your application only once! You will not be able to edit it any longer after submission.

Application form validity

The application form version marked as "valid" by the MA/JS will be highlighted in green.

Additional information

See also: access, accounts, forgot password