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There are two independent levels of access in BAMOS+: The project level and the partner level:

  • The partner level only becomes relevant in case a project has been approved and enters the stage of monitoring. Information stored here is focussing on partners as the partner reports and certifications.

Access to both levels has to be defined independently.

Application phase: Access to the project level

During the application phase project idea owners will reach a point, where access to BAMOS+ becomes relevant. Only lead partners who submitted the Project Idea Form (PIF) and received their registration number can apply for a BAMOS+ account. You will need access to this system in order to develop and submit your full application.

The legal representative of the lead partner organisation has to appoint a person from its organisation that will represent them. This person is called the initial user. You will need to indicate this person in your request for a BAMOS+ account. The initial user can then create further account for other users afterwards.

You will need to download the Appointing document of the initial user from the gateway for applicants. After filling it in and signing it, you will need to submit it to the MA/JS at

See also: accounts, forgot password

After approval: Access to the partner level

Access to the partner level will be granted automatically after the approval of the project to the Lead partner. Even though the lead partner has already provided access to certain partners to the project level, access has to be provided for each user to every corresponding partner|.

See also: Partner reports

Access for Controllers

Controllers will receive access to the project and the partner level. The access will be provided by the Designation Authority and not by the MA/JS and/or the Lead Partner. Please find further details about each national control system, contact details, and requirements for controllers on the Programme portal. Information on the designation of controllers in BAMOS+ can be found here.

Access for Designation Authorities

The legal representative of each designation authority has to appoint one designation authority user and one deputy designation authority user. Information on access for Designation Authorities can be found here.